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by mcalomeris
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5 years ago

1926 1/2 Conn Curved Soprano

Hello, I have a Conn curved soprano sax two tone (gold and silver) that my father played until 1972. It has the original case and looks like the original mouth piece. I was told it was a 1926 1/2, but there are a series of numbers on it. It says AID Dec 8, 1914. The below that there are more numbers  1119954 then


Can you tell me what all of this means and what the value of the horn might be. It needs to be refurbished as it has been in the case for 40 years.

Thank you!!!!


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  1. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: 1926 1/2 Conn Curved Soprano

    Hi Mike-
         Thanks for posting photos of your dad's saxophone. The curved Conn sopranos of this vintage have a special sound, a rich resonance that is hard to find in any modern soprano saxophone. The key work is antiquated, but anyone looking for this sound will learn to deal with it. Fully restored and without damage or damage repairs, it could sell up to the $2000 range. However, a full restoration from any reputable professional shop will run in the $750-$950 price range. You have to be very careful with who you chose to restore this sax as it has rolled tone holes and in the wrong repair tech's hands, you may find the tone holes get filed through. You generally get what you pay for when it comes to repair.
         Feel free to contact me at Saxquest if you're interested in having the saxophone restored. If you're looking to sell it, we can also help you line up a good sale or if you just want an insurance appraisal, we can do that for you too. Best of Luck!

         Mark Overton

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