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5 years ago

82Z, 66R or 86

I’m in the market of purchasing a tenor sax.  I’m looking at purchasing the Yamaha 82Z, the P. Mauriat 66R or 86.  I’ve played Yamaha before and know they make a great horn.  Amazing ergonomics and great sound.  I haven’t played the 82Z yet.  Also, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about P. Mauriat.  However, all of the music shops I’ve walked into haven’t heard of P. Mauriat nor do they carry their horns.  I know each horn is different for each player and that you should play an instrument prior to purchasing it.  I do not have the luxury of playing the P. Mauriat.  Has anyone played or owned a 66R or 86 and are they a decent horn?  Or the 82Z?  All information is helpful.  Thanks.        

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