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by corkyd
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5 years ago

Can anyone identify this Sax/clarient ?

Looking to see what it is and also possible value,, it says Adler on instrument,

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  1. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: Can anyone identify this Sax/clarient ?

    What you have here is an Octavin. This is a fairly rare instrument. I've only bought and sold three over the past 15 years. This instrument was first invented in Markneukirchen, which is the main town of the great musical instrument region in Germany. Oskar Adler was certainly a manufacture that was involved with this instrument, but I'm not sure if they were the first to make it or if it was one of the other German makers. They first started to be produced around the turn of the century and were manufactured to some extent through the 1930's, I believe. It never really caught on and thus today, most of them have been either destroyed or simply lost to time.
         Its a single reed woodwind instrument with a conical bore. It has the range of the soprano saxophone and you find them keyed in Bb and C. Its unique because it draws from elements of the saxophone, clarinet, and bassoon in its design. The body is shaped like a bassoon and made from wood, it has a small metal bell similar to an alto clarinet, but with a bore that most closely resembles a saxophone. The interior of the instrument has two bores that run parallel to each other and are joined by a boot at the bottom of the instrument. You can see in your photo that the top of the instrument then has two parts that attach to either end. The entry is a clarinet-like part that uses a single reed mouthpiece, the exit is where the metal bell attaches.
         As for value, its really up in the air on this one. Kind of one of those whatever you can get someone of pay for it deals. It is quite rare, but its totally obsolete as a musical instrument. If you happen to find a collector or someone interested in an oddity, it could go for $1000. That's right in where we sold the last three that we had. One sold on eBay about three years ago for $500. Hopefully, this gives yousome indication of value.

         Mark Overton

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