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by fajars
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5 years ago

Need sugestion Selmer Bundy II

Hi, need sugestion from you all guys who had more expirence on sax.

I'm new to learn play saxo, so I think I just need a cheap sax at the first level of my journey, and then I get an used alto SELMER BUNDY II for $100 from EBAY. Have it service and repaded.

I ask to my mentor how is my sax sound, he said that its not bad. but many posts I read said that Bundy II is not recommended sax or not good enough.

however, it is my first sax and I won't give it up easily, I will do anything to get it as prefect as it can be.

so, to all my seniors, kindly give your advises on how to get this sax makes perfect sound for rock and jazz.

right now, I have difficulty to get low sound from low E to lowest (A#). It feel when I blow from hi to low, when I reach low D theres like a blow back to the mouthpiece then the sound turns to be octave higher, what is the problem? is it my poor technique or my gear?



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  1. by GFC
    (716 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Need sugestion Selmer Bundy II

    Since you're a beginner and your horn has just been serviced, suspect your technique first. It is critical to let the reed vibrate as freely as possible, especially on the lowest notes. An embouchure that is too tight or doesn't take in enough of the mouthpiece will cause the problems you're describing, and those problems plague beginning players. Avoid clamping with your jaw. Practice long tones, paying close attention to your embouchure and breath support. Start with notes you feel comfortable with, and as your confidence builds work down the scale. Here are some pointers for long tones. If you still suspect a problem with your horn after a couple of weeks of long tone practice, find a more experienced player to see if they have the same problem with it. The Bundy II is strictly a beginner's horn. When you get to be a better player you will want to move on, but it should suit your current needs if it is in good playing condition. Keep repair costs minimal, as those can easily exceed the value of the horn.

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    1. by fajars
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      5 years ago

      Re: Need sugestion Selmer Bundy II

      Hi GFC,

      Thank you very much for your advise..

      yes I'm still having problem to find the right embouchure, still work in on it.. not stable, sometimes get the right embouchure but offtenly doing bad embouchure.

      and also having problem with breath support, I fill not enough air if I do inhalation with diaphragm, so I take a breath still with my chess up.

      do others beginner also having the same problem?

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