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5 years ago

saxophone museum

Hi all,

 I live in Belgium a few minutes drive from the birth place of Antoine (Alphonse) Sax. The town, Dinant, has a beautiful bronze of the man sitting on a bench and his birth home is plaqued and occasionally open to the public.

 When I moved to live near Dinant I was excited by the thought of seeing lots to do with the sax thereabouts but was disappointed to discover there is no museum there. Ok I know that Sax worked principally out of Paris as did many of his conteporaries but I am sure a sax museum in his home town would attract many visitors.

 So, I am going to stick my neck out and try and generate some interest in such a project.

 I own a few vintage altos and I have received feedback from a some mates in the UK who are willing to 'lend' their collections to the museum.

 So what am I asking from you guys? Firstly support. Secondly, ideas? 

More to follow when Ive had some feedback

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