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5 years ago

Weltklang Tenor & Berg Larsen mouthpiece

Hi Guys,

I have had a Weltklang Tenor for about 11 years now and have finally decided to try and find out some more about it. Which has been surprisingly hard to do. 
Hoping there might be some gurus on here to help me out.

I did manage to find out a spreadsheet of serial numbers that suggests it's from '67-'68 (serial is 211**) Everything I can find seems to refer to the Soloist, but mine is a J.Master and I can't find anything on it at all.

Also with the sax came a hard rubber Berg Larsen mouthpiece. Really hard to photograph the writing as it is so faint. But it says 75, 0, SMS 
I know that is the size brightness and lenght. Just wondering how old it is or what model.

Any help is appreciated.


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