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5 years ago

Found Mark VI tenor sax

To make a long story short, I recently became a part time assistant for a small town in Texas. I was asked to fix a small seventh graders tenor sax, only to realize that it was a Mark VI tenor sax. my best guess is that it has been in the program since the beginning of time and as years passed directors just never noticed it, thus it has been used for a seventh grader to play on. the neck is missing, but I am going to continue to look for it. It has a Mark VII neck on it and has some obvious wear and tear on it. The biggest thing I have noticed is that it looks like it had a nasty fall some where along way because there has been some small solder work done to it. also it seems that there was a chemical bath gone wrong because the bell is missing some lacquer and it looks like it was dipped in a chemical bath, but then quickly removed. surprisingly it plays great and the serial number is a 6 digit starting with 119. I'm curious as to how much it is worth in the condition it is currently in and what it would cost to do some repair on it. 

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  1. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: Found Mark VI tenor sax

    Difficult to give an accurate appraisal without seeing the horn. Anytime you have a Mark VI that's been through a school and relacquered, you worry about things like tone hole integrity, resolders, bad dent work, and other past damage repairs.

    The fact that its missing the neck is a definite bummer as the original neck from Mark VI tenors of this vintage are usually great! The missing neck is about a $1000-$1500 hit as that's what you'd expect to pay (if not more) if you were able to find a similar vintage Mark VI neck for sale somewhere.

    As for sight-unseen estimate, assuming there are no major past damage issues other than the missing neck, I'd say "as is" somewhere in the $2500 range. A relacq 119k "school salvage" Mark VI all done up with the original neck would probably sell for around $4000-$4500. Even though you say the horn plays, I'm going to say that it needs an overhaul for anyone serious to buy it as their main playing saxophone. So, you take off the neck and the price of the overhaul and you're left somewhere in the mid $2K price range.

    If you're interested in selling and would like help lining up a buyer or if you're interested in keeping and having it restored, give me a call at Saxquest and I can help (314) 664-1234.

         Mark Overton

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