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5 years ago

New Member..Questions about a Selmer Bundy 2 I Found in My Closet

Hey guys, let me start off by saying i have 0 knowledge about saxophones so please bare with me. When i was about 7 years old(i am now 25), one of my older brothers gave me his old saxophone. I forgot all about it, i was cleaning out the closet of my bedroom and found it sitting in the back. It is a Selmer Bundy 2 in its original case. My question is, i may just keep it and learn to play it because i needed a new hobby anyway but if not i may just sell or trade it but what would i expect to get for it? What would be the best way to sell it and would it be better for me to clean it first or go and get it restored in order to get more for it? Basically, what do you guys think i should do with it? It has been sitting in the case since the 70's so it hasen't been abused over the years, i will include a picture to give everyone a better idea of the condition. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: New Member..Questions about a Selmer Bundy 2 I Found in My Closet

     Have it looked at by a tech to get an idea of its playing condition and how much any needed maintenance would cost.  Then check eBay closing prices for other Bundy IIs in similar condition to get an idea of seller prices. The market value of a top condition horn minus the repair cost is the value of the horn.  

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