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by Mitchel.Russo
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5 years ago

Alto Sax Audition Rep

This coming September I'll be audition for my second year of University Level Music on alto sax. Ive been running through some possible rep with my profs, but he told me to dich what i have and go with something new. There's a lot riding on this audition, and the jurry will be expecting A LOT from this preformance so i have to make sure to wow them. If anyone has some possible Alto Sax rep to check out please send it my way!! 
I've already looked into the following peices so they're out of the running: 
Bach Cello Suites, improvisation et caprice, Dix Figures, Bach Flute Sonata (in a minor), Breve Peices (by Rene Duclos), and the Hindemith Sonate. 

I'm conisdering doing the "Breve Pieces", the Bach Flute Sonata, and perhaps something else. 
Any rep suggestions would be much appreciated!  

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  1. by Steve C
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    5 years ago

    Re: Alto Sax Audition Rep


    If you were my student, i would like to hear you perform some traditional saxophone repertoire with piano. Not knowing what level a player you are (what have you performed in the past?) it is tough to recomend music to you. BUT, this is what I would hope you could pull off.

    Sonata - Paul Creston
    Goncerto - Alaxandre Glasunov
    Scaramouche - Milhaud
    Tableaux De Provance - Paula Maurice
    Sonata - Bernard Heiden
    Ballade - Henri Tomassi 
    Brilliance - Ida Gotkovsky
    Sicilienne - Pierre Lantier

    There are hundreds of pieces you could perform. I would google "classical saxophone saxophone repertoire" and check out the many list that are available from univerisity proffesors. Most list are divided by year in college.

    Best of luck!
    Steve Carmichael 

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