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by 2002too
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5 years ago

Early York Saxophone

With apologies to you sax players, this tuba player recently picked up a very badly abused "USA by York" sax at a junk shop with the intent of making a planter out of it. Before you start calling me names please be aware not only is it missing its neck altogether, but it looks like it was tossed down a stairs more than once. Many parts are dented, including the body itself. A few parts are missing, though surprisingly it still has all its mother of pearl buttons. There are no other identifying marks on it except for the serial number 25588 which I understand may date it to around 1910. If this poor (once) gold-colored brass horn has some historical or other value  I'll list it on ebay to make it available to someone who will give it the TLC it requires. Otherwise I'll continue with my plans to recycle it into yard art.

Oh, its heavy and large, measuring about 30 inches from where the neck would have attached to the base. Tenor?


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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: Early York Saxophone

    Enjoy your art project!

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