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by Ali Julius
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5 years ago

Frank Holton serial number 1179

Hi my name is Ali Julius

I just bought a Frank Holton saxophone with serial number 1179 L.P. I checked this was made in 1918 (it is true?). My question is whether it's a good saxophone? The saxophone is too old for a beginner?

Ali Julius 

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  1. by Saxquest
    (415 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Frank Holton serial number 1179

    Hi Ali-

         Yes, this is really too old of a saxophone to be used as a beginner. The early Chicago Holton saxophone's are very antiquated. It has some collector's value being such an early Holton, but not much.

         If you're interested in a good saxophone to learn on at an affordable price, I would recommend a used American made saxophone from the 50's-70's (Conn, Buescher, Selmer Bundy, King 613, etc.....). At Saxquest we sell these for $495-$750 completely ready to go with new pads and set up. If you're interested in trading the Holton in, I could help you find a buyer in the $200ish range. Just give Saxquest a call and ask for Mark (314) 664-1234.

         Mark Overton

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    1. by Ali Julius
      (6 posts)

      5 years ago

      Re: Frank Holton serial number 1179

      Hi Mark

      I'm very gratful for the explanation and your suggestions about the saxophone for beginners. For this Holton I really likes this sax and I think I will keeps this sax as my collection. 
      Thank you 

      Ali julius

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