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by Jazzplayr88
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5 years ago

Conn Gold Plated Tenor

I just had a quick question. I have an opportunity to buy a super-rare Art Deco gold plated Conn tenor sax. What is the value on this kind of horn? I've seen a few around but I'm not sure of the exact prices. Thanks!

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  1. by birdlover
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    5 years ago

    Re: Conn Gold Plated Tenor

    Depending on the condition it could be worth over 3,000 dollars if it is in mint condition, in the end a horn is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I have a new wonder II gold plate tenor in mint condition and I wouldn't part with it for anything, a fabulous horn. I paid about 3,000 for it because of its condition, the gold plating is one hundred percent and my repair guy said it must have sat in a closet for years, if the one you are looking at is in top shape it could be worth more than that but like I said, it's what people are willing to pay at a given moment. Some people don't care for the ergonomics on these horns, the front F is a bit high, and the bis key is a bit too high for people that are used to mondern horns. However I have played Conns for years and years and you get used to the ergos quickly but don't expect ergos like you find on a Yanagisawa, however the huge fat sound and the fun of owning a fine American horn more than makes up for anything else. Also the action on these horns are excellent, fast, smooth, solid. I wouldn't pass it up if the price is reasonable for the horn's condition.

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