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by pkimber
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11 years ago

Where to find a Good Sax Repair in Toronto? Not LNGMcWADE

Long and McQuade rubs me the wrong way.  I never want to step foot in there store ever again.  Where in Toronto else can I go?

Whats your opinion of........ being talked into having your saxophone fixed when you just wanted to find out how much it will cost to be fix to ease your worries; You just planned on putting it safely in the corner in your room until you have the money to pay but the customer service tells you dont worry, we will fix it and you can pay back when you can.  Your broke, jobless, severly injured and your world is crumbling. Can't even hold a job your too injured.  You get a little better to work in deli part time, 7 hrs take home 12 hours a week they give you, but they makecutsnationaly before you make probation.  Your two sax's are the only thing keeping your spirits up.  Then within nine months later get a letter saying we are selling your sax.  Your Sax your real close friend surprised you with for your birthday with her family, special cake and all; One of your happiest birthdays. 

You come in and tell them off and they pretty much call you a fool in so many words for thinking a business would hold true to what they claimed when they have a bottom line.  You write a letter to the owner to give you a reason why you should ever deal business with them again with no response.  They just tell you they are good to hold on as long as they did.  They want, payments fair enough, and I can understand there side.   You tell them you are just busking with your broken sax these days and only make few dollars to eat and can't afford much.  They tell you they don't care. 

I am use to getting paid big bucks too.  I tryed out so many saxophones in the store and would had came back to buy one when I am back working in my trade again.  No way man.  Never. Shotty busness rip off the poor to make an extra dollar.  Just the thought that some poor kid got his instrument robbed that way.  I had a heart to heart with the sales that day; he tells me they do it a lot.  Plus the custumer service seem to have a snooty I hate my life attitude and am going to take it out on the inspiring student.  Not all of them but just to employ one of them is not good for business, they have a lot of them like that.


Enough of me crying a river though.  Where else can I go that is very reputable and more importantly HONEST?

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  1. by GFC
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    11 years ago

    Re: Where to find a Good Sax Repair in Toronto? Not LNGMcWADE

    That's a bummer, but letting yourself get talked into a repair job without knowing how you would pay for it was your mistake.  

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