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c melody sax

Hi- I'm new to the site, and am about to start sax lessons soon(at 65 you need to keep the rust off your brain).  I have a new to me Conn c melody-appears to have satin silver finish on the body, flappers are tarnished but appear to be polished, rolled tone holes, micro-tuner(clean & lube works fine)  orig. case, mpc, and neck protector.  My friend Rob Verdi of Saxophobia was the intemediary for the sale (a friend of his owned it) Rob checked it out and it plays fine.  the serial number is M158876-any idea when it was made?  I'm guessing around 1926.  Even if I need to replace some of the more tired looking pads it won't be too painful as it only cost me $375.

Thanks for any help, James 

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  1. by GFC
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    Re: c melody sax

    1925 according to the serial # chart on this site.

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