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5 years ago

Buescher Soprano Sax

Hey Guys, 

I am trying to find an estimated worth on a sax I have. It's a 1906 or 1907 Harwood Professional Soprano Sax. It is stamped Low Pitch and is silver plated. It plays like butter but the tone is amzaing. I am looking to possibly sell it but I am pretty torn on what I want to do. So I wanted to reach out to the forum and see about an estimated worth. I had it in the shop recently and it is playing. The pads seal, although I think a more serious play would want to repad it. It also has it's original mouthpiece but there are no markers to find out if it is a standard or something else. 

Like I said I am just looking for a ball park on what it could be worth.

I also have a Buescher True Tone Alto that I am definitely selling. I just don't like the tone. That one is also silver with original MP. I thought I would love it because of what it is but man it sounds OK to me. It didn't knock my socks off like the Harwood does.

Anyway, any information on the Harwood would be appreciated. Thanks so much guys.


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