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by jupiter33
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4 years ago

Need help identifying vintage saxophone i bought?

I recently bought what the seller called a vintage alto saxophone. he said it was from 1926. it certainly looks and plays the part of a vintage, but i can't seem to find much on it. i don't know much about these things, so i'd like a little help. The engraving on the bell says it's standard american high grade, from cleveland musical instruments. there is a number engraved on the back of the saxophone, on the bottom near where the curve is, the number B-559 is stamped. i'm not sure if it's the serial number but i'm sure it's significant somehow. I appreciate any help, and i can provide more descriptions if needed.

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  1. by Gregory Butko
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    4 years ago

    Re: Need help identifying vintage saxophone i bought?

    King marketed their second line saxophones under the Cleaveland name.  If it is from 1926, it should have split bell keys (the B on one side, the Bb on the other).

    Without a picture or more complete discription, it isn't possible to really determine what you have.

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