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by jake_levy99
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5 years ago

American Standard High grade questions


I am new on here. I have bought a American Standard High grade Made by Clev Mus Ins Co. but i can't find a lot of information about it.

There is a serial number stamped on the saxophone, it is C 659. I don't know what year it is, made. 

The sax looks realy old and looks like it is isn't cleaned in 70 years it is dirty. should i clean it or just keep it this way. 

It has to be repaired but everything is moving and not stucked. 

Could someone help me with some information.

Thanks a lot.

I add 2 pictures of it, the neck has the same number.  


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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: American Standard High grade questions

    No good news here.  American Standard was a line of student instruments with a fancier finish than the Cleveland line produced by the same company.  Unfortunately, that fancy finish is trashed on this particular example, as it has green corrosion on the body.  I don't see much potential value in that horn for students, players, or collectors.  I seriously doubt that the cost of repairs could be realized in the potential value of that horn.  Call it a learning experience.

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