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by geertkloosterman
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5 years ago

Age of my Buescher True Tone

Hi there,

According to the number on my tenorsax I think it's produced in1921.
There's a picture of my sax.
Do you think I'm right? 

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  1. by Saxquest
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    5 years ago

    Re: Age of my Buescher True Tone

    Hi Geert-

         You got it! Its hard to make out the first digit of the serial number in the photo. If its 87xxx, then yes, it dates to 1921. If its 67xxx then it dates to 1920. Those old Buescher saxophones have a nice sweet sound, but the keywork is very antiquated and intonation is not very good. However, you have a tenor and they are better in the pitch department than the altos in that vintage. ENJOY and welcome to!!!

         Mark Overton

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