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4 years ago

1922 C.G. Conn New Wonder

This was my late grandmother's horn, and it's been sitting in a basement for the last who knows how many decades. The serial number and microtuner lead me to believe it was manufactured in 1922. I know nothing about saxophones--I'm a trumpet guy, but I figured this was the place to go to learn more about this beautiful horn!

I've cleaned it up as much as I can, removing the majority of the tarnish on the horn body electrochemically and on the keys by hand. Could someone give me an idea as to how much getting the pads and corks replaced would cost? 

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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: 1922 C.G. Conn New Wonder

    That's a c-melody saxophone, between alto and tenor in range and keyed to concert C.  C-melody saxophones were marketed towards amateur players who wanted to read off the same music sheets piano players use.  They have been out of vogue for a number of years, but they have been used in some recent recordings.  

    There are a lot of factors that would figure into how much you would want to spend on repairs.  If you were considering selling it, the cost of a full repad could easily exceed the market value of the horn because c-melody saxophones are a rather small niche market.  But if you just want to get that beautiful horn in playing condition for you and your family to enjoy, it's easier to justify the cost of repairs.  There's no substitute for having the horn inspected to get an estimate of what it would take to restore it to playing condition.  If there's corrosion affecting the springs, rods, and pivot screws it could drive the cost up considerably.


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