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by metzgerm
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4 years ago

This Soprano Needs a New Home

I have what appears to be a Conn New Wonder Chu Berry model Soprano but I need to make sure before I place this for sale.  It has been sitting around for years and I received it as a gift for something I did for a friend.


The serial # is M153XXX with an "L" beneath it.  It doesn't have the fancy designs on it.  Just a simple Conn marking.  It is silver in finish but I don't know if it is silver plated or not.  The action feels good and the pads look great.


I want to see this get to a good home.  Can someone please shed some light on this beautiful instrument so that I can get it in the hand of someone who will enjoy it?



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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: This Soprano Needs a New Home

    That's a Conn New Wonder from 1925, which put it in the range of ther "series II" horns.  The "L" stands for low pitch, whicch means that it is playable to modern tuning standards.  Those are some great horns.  If it is shiny like a chrome car bumper, it is probably a nickel finish rather than a silver finish.  Here's a starting point to get an estimate of its typical dealer price, which is more than the value to a private seller.  Read the whole thing carefully.

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