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by lilwof
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4 years ago

sax ser# 1119954C 138096L

seeking date information and value for this sax. Very extensive stencil. Looks like a Madri Gras mask and a person's face. Please tell me history of this sax.

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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: sax ser# 1119954C 138096L

    It's an early version New Wonder C-melody (as indicated by the "C" between the two sets of numbers) from 1924. C-melody horns don't have a lot of value in top condition, and this one does not appear to be in top condition.  Unfortunately, a big part of its value is cosmetic condition and that finish looks pretty corroded and worn.  Figure a selling price of$300 or so in good playing condition and deduct the cost of repairs to get it in that condition.

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