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14 years ago

Grover Washington - Aria

Hi, I am a newcomer to saxquest. I play sop,alto,tenor,bari sax. I am most interested in jazz, but have played a good dose of R&B gigs and a small amount of classical for weddings. I like to play with a fairly round tone . I was very impressed with Grover Washington's classical album, Aria (unfortuneately, the last album he made before he died). On all horns he plays with a beautifull tone, espescially the bari which I didn't realize he played. I realize that equipment is only about 10% of sound. On the CD there are many pictures of his horns. It looks like they are all Keilworths with identical mouthpieces and ligatures. Does anybody know what brand of mouthpiece and/or ligature he was using? Thanks

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