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by cherylh
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4 years ago

found a saxaphone

Would like to know a ballpark figure for the cost of a silver saxaphone that we found at my dads house.  It has a serial # of m22694, patton mark dec. 8 1914. made by cg conn ltd.  We are going to take it to a music store to see what its worth, but thought we would check it out first.  It has a case and all its parts.  Thanks in advance for any insight.



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  1. by Saxquest
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    4 years ago

    Re: found a saxaphone

    This vintage of Conn is generally not worth too much. However, if its one of those rare Conn saxes of that vintage in gold plate with a unique engraving it could be worth something to collectors. Can you post a few photos here or email photos to me at I would be happy to evaluate the sax for you.

        Mark Overton

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