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by ranger93
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4 years ago

Looking for any info on this Sax

It is a Conn Saxophone M196796 PATD DEC.8.1914 1119954 ALTO LOW PITCH 

Made by E.G.Conn Ltd


Anybody have a rough idea what this horn is worth, with the original case in pretty good shape, nothing bent or out of alignment?  Thank you

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  1. by GFC
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    4 years ago

    Re: Looking for any info on this Sax

    The serial number puts the production date in 1927.  The model name is "New Wonder," with the unofficial handles "series II" or "Chu Berry" used for horns produced from 1925 through 1929.  They are some of the most highly regarded horns produced by Conn.  If your horn is in fundamentally good shape and can be put in top playing condition, it is definitely worth something. Just how much it is worth depends on a number of things.  Here's a place to get started estimating its value:

    Keep in mind that those estimates are based on dealer, not private sale, prices for horns in top playing and cosmetic condition.  Closed sales (not asking prices) for similar horns on Ebay are another way to estimate private sale prices, but you have to be alert to a lot of variables that determine whether a given horn is comparable.  Start with an estimated private sale price for a similar horn in top condition.  Get an estimate for the cost of an overhaul from a tech with experience working on old Conns. Deduct the estimated cost of that work and any adjustment for cosmetic condition (finish, dings, etc.) to arrive at the estimated private sale price.   

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