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by bobdoyle137
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10 years ago

Sky Sax

I have recenty bought a SKY Saxaphone Alto, which was suppose to be in excellent condition, but it is not. i just wanted something to learn on and some of the Pads are sticking closed and others are sticking open. i would like to have the complete Sax overhauled, do you have any idea how much it will cost me to do that. Also, I live in Largo Fl, and if you are hear here and know somewhere for me to take this for repair, I would really appreciate the info. Rhank you.

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  1. by GFC
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    10 years ago

    Re: Sky Sax

    Be careful about how much you spend on repairs without knowing the value of the horn.  If it's one of the cheap ones from China like you see on ebay or Amazon, it may have fatal build quality issues.  If it's a used horn of obscure provenance with inherent flaws or in bad condition, it may cost more to get it in working condition than the cost of a good used horn of greater value.

    If it was supposed to be in excellent condition but it wasn't, its condition was misrepresented to you by the seller.  Do you have any recourse?

    A solid horn in good working condition is essential if you don't want your equipment to be a roadblock to your learning.  Keep your options open. 

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    1. by kelsey
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      10 years ago

      Re: Sky Sax

      New good saxophones have become so expensive that the junk that's sold are all some folks can afford. With all the competition in the music industry one would expect prices to go down. If I were a beginning 'want to be' sax player, I would first make friends with a sax player or acquire a saxophone teacher before I spent any money on the sax. After doing this I would go on Craigs list and look for a Yamaha model 23 alto. After finding what looked like a good deal I would have my friend or teacher check it out as far as being in good working condition. Then I'd spend the money. I've seen used YAS23s for as little as $400.00 although be prepared to spend more. This is a very popular saxophone and is a favorite of beginning band students. There are tons of them for sale after school lets out in the summer.......Kelsey

      Barry Kelsey

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