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by roggers
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4 years ago

L.H. Pinkie.

Hi.. I am a new member and player. I would like to ask of experienced members if the reach with the L.H.Pinkie to 3 of the keys of the spatula, is the same on all models of tenor saxophones.I find it quite difficult to reach C sharp, B and B flat keys. G sharp is ok.

I have watched Bob Reynolds videos, where his L.H. Pinkie seems to be considerably longer than mine. Do I need to exercise or purchase some stretchers. Thanks.


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  1. by birdlover
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    4 years ago

    Re: L.H. Pinkie.

    It sounds to me like you are about to attempt to teach yourself how to play which is not the best way to learn. I would suggest you find a teacher. You won't learn how to play by asking questions at sax forums. A good teacher is the best investment you can make. Too many people are hung up on equipment when just plain old practicing and having a teacher is the quickest route to becoming a good player. Of course having a decent horn is important and a teacher can help you with that as well. My first instrument was the flute and I made the mistake of learning how to play without a teacher. Once I started taking lessons I had to unlearn all my bad habits. No you don't need stretchers whatever those may be, you just need someone to show you the proper way to play. When I took up the saxophone the first thing I did was to find a good teacher having learned from my past mistakes with the flute. Cheers.

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