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10 years ago

Anyone experience with repairs in Eastern Europe?

Hello, my first post, my family originates from Bohemia, around Cheb, and I'm planning to go there for a holiday. It seemed a good idea to take my Amati tenor (ATS 61) along and maybe profit from cheaper prices and local craftsmanship - if I understand well, Kraslice (Amati production is there) is not too far away.

Has anyone ever taken their instrument to the Czech republic and had it repaired there? Pls. tell me how it went. Thank you in advance.

And, sorry, I can't include any photos, as Mark suggested; I don't have a camera. Reason to have it looked at is that I had to pass winter in my car. I think I suffered less than the instrument, there's some patch of rust plus a whitish sort of stain and now the already-not-really-state-of-the-art mechanic slows me down and adds interesting clacks. Playing higher (c2 and above) and lower tones while the horn is cold is a risk, most probably no sound will come out. Still, I like its sound a lot and I haven't got the cash for another.

(OK, wise guys - I can stay with family at the other side of the border in Bavaria and I am in Europe).

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