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10 years ago

Greetings all, and happy Tuesday

I'm Eric, currently oscillating between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.  (Salt Lake atm.)  I've played sax for longer than I care to admit; I think it was in the late Cretaceous or something.  Or maybe the early '70s, it all becomes a blur.  I have a lovely  trio of Selmer horns; a Mk VI alto, Mk VII tenor, and a Super Action 80 sporano, all of them bought new.  (The alto and soprano came from the same store in Paris almost 20 years apart.  The alto is worth even more than I paid for it new back in 1975.)

I played in the LA Jazz Workshop, if anyone's heard of that (it was fun, back in the day, and you got to meet people).  I was once in the orchestra of a Bob Hope special, and (for variety) have found myself playing in places like Carnegie Hall and the L.A. Forum. I double on keyboards (and flute, if that counts as "doubling") and have a truly disgusting amount of synthesizers, wind controllers, and sound equipment of mass destruction ranging from weird old groovy analogs to modern digital smarter-than-me gear.

In real life, my Day Job for a little more than 20 years has been making computer and video games.  The reason for a Day Job is to pay the bills and buy stuff like food so you can concentrate on the important part of life: playing music.

It was a gas running across this place last night (I didn't know it existed!) and there seem to be some mighty cool folk here; my pleasure, everyone.  This looks like it could be a lot of fun.

I go by "Repo" online but only did so here because I figured my real name was already taken; call me Eric if you want, I answer to either.  :) 

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    Re: Greetings all, and happy Tuesday

    Hi Eric-

         Welcome to!

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