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by ohiostaterph
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4 years ago

Conn Naked Lady

I have a Conn Naked Lady tenor saxophone in near mint condition. It still has original silver/nickel plating, pearl buttons, and original case (case is not in awesome condition, but still still works). The serial number is 336078. I even have the original mouthpiece. My sister played it in high school jazz band in the early 90's, so I believe it was repadded then. Before and since then it's been in the closet. Does anyone know how much it's worth and where I could go about seeing if there is an interested buyer?


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  1. by Saxquest
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    4 years ago

    Re: Conn Naked Lady

    I would be happy to help you with an appraisal and/or help selling. You have a great old Conn tenor! Here at Saxquest we have a great consignment program with only a 10% consignment fee (that's less than you'll pay out to eBay/PayPal if you choose to go that route and we can usually do better for you price-wise too. If you're more interested in a quick sale as opposed to cinsignment, we're always interested in buying saxes out right too. When buying outright, we're typically looking to make a 20-30% margin. If interested you can check the shop out on line at or give us a buzz at 314-664-1234.

         Mark Overton

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