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by glyphrunner
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4 years ago

Buescher alto neck with a signature

I have a 1925 Buescher True Tone alto saxophone, with a "1" neck. On the left side of the neck near the cork is a name engraved: Jack McCasli

I am looking for any information possible on:
 1. Who the man is that has a name engraved on the neck of my alto
 2. Why his name would be engraved there

This horn has been in my father's possession since 1964, so the name was either added there prior to him owning it. Any help would be appreciated, if only to clear up a mystery.

A larger version of the picture is found here: 

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  1. by jon henri
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    4 years ago

    Re: Buescher alto neck with a signature

    most likely suspect is a professor of art, art history at james madison university, va.
    also see youtube- repairmens overview buescher tru tone if you havent yet
    i got a 1929 true tone series 4 alto, and like it a lot.  J 

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