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10 years ago

Lots of Questions

Dear Sax Quest Forum,

My name is Trevor!   I recently had my Cannonball "Raven" Big Bell Alto Saxophone sent off for a repaid at the nearest music repair technician, and when I got it back there were several things wrong with it.  The octave vent on the top of the neck now has an very airy sound when playing anything from an A (with the octave key) and up.  Also, when I play a G# with the octave key, it can be extremely resistant and sometimes will not speak.  I have no idea what causes that.  

There is also, what I think some people call the C# vent, on the side of the saxophone which moves when you play an A or higher with the octave key engaged, that has some weird sound to it too.  

Also, there is a lot of rattling when I play a middle E on the saxophone, which I cannot really understand why that is happening either.

Sorry for all of the questions haha.

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