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by kluxe
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3 years ago

278xxx The Buescher Aristocrat Price?

Hello I dont know much about saxophones. But I have had one laying around was wondering how much it was worth. This is all the infornation I could pull off the saxophone.

Brass 278126 low pitch alto Aristocrat  Buecher elk hart USA

This is all the readable information on it.  I have been searching the web for hours can't find anything that matches the serial number. If anyone could give me some information that would truly appricated. I could post pictures if someone likes, the sax is in very good condition from what I can tell.
Kind regards.

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  1. by Saxquest
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    3 years ago

    Re: 278xxx The Buescher Aristocrat Price?

    These can be great saxiophones. You have a late 1930's vintage Buescher. The value will depend entirely on condition. If you can post a few photos that would help.

         Mark Overton

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