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by cougar1969
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1 year ago

Bundy special Alto Sax

Pretty sure this has been asked a thousand times but here goes...

My son is going into the 6th grade and asked me to dig out my old Alto Sax I used to play in the 80's through high school. It is an old Bundy Special. H&A Selmer Inc. made in Germany, serial number 51561

it has got me curious to know the approximate build date of this sax. I'm not really interested in selling it but would like to know its value anyway. My uncle gave it to me so it has more sentimental value since he played it.



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  1. by GFC
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    1 year ago

    Re: Bundy special Alto Sax

    Bundy Specials were made for Selmer by Keilwerth in the 1960s.  If it can be gotten into good playing shape for a reasonable amount of money, your son will have a good little horn.  They don't fetch a whole lot of $ because they're a student horn.

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