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by valhalla
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3 years ago

2nd F# abouve middle C (Altissimo)

I have been able to learn and hit the six notes, C above middle C and chromatically up through the second F above middle C with no problem. As soon as I try F# I cannot get it or anything higher. If I move forward on the mouth piece a bit it will hit a high note but it sounds like a hollow squeak. Can any one tell me how to hit this note? I realize it might take a while but there must be somet specific thing you have to do with you mouth to hit these higher notes.... This is on an Alto sax....


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  1. by pkimber
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    3 years ago

    Re: 2nd F# abouve middle C (Altissimo)

    Wow you got all Em. How far can you go with altisimos. I love to figure out just the g altisimo told a tip tho from a pro japanese sax army guy the mouth piece he recommended was bensher 400 top head big 7* seven star there is a D-E 8* too. I have yet to p
    Try Em bc I'm broke to buy one. He told me it's mostly mouthpiece

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