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by Miranda
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3 years ago

Can you identify this saxophone?

I received this saxophone as my in-laws were going through their father's estate.  He was a collector/hoarder, so I'm figuring 50/50 chance it is of interest to someone or it is trash.  I haven't really played the saxophone since junior high, so it may be in need of repair or it may be in need of a more practiced player, LOL. :)


It looks like (if it were in its best shape) it is black with gold keys and either plastic or mother of pearl finger rests.  I can find no maker but it does have a serial number 285068.


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  1. by GFC
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    3 years ago

    Re: Can you identify this saxophone?

    The overall fit and finish looks poor.  I'm guessing it's a cheap, no name Chinese horn.  There's basically no demand for used low end Chinese horns.

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