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9 years ago

just saying hi

hi everyone 

ive been playing alto-tenor for about 16years keen to try baritone 
and im learning a bit about repairing
because of bad experience with a local repairer in mt lawley perth. my bari revieved a small dent on the very top bow in transit from the states  
i received my horn(vintage conn bari) back in peices (keys in brown papper bag )all the pad cups die ground and sctratched inside . which i gather is not standard practice ! and he failed to remove a minor dent in the top bow and further damaged it anealling and spliting the metal and burning the lacquer probably woulnt mind about the lacquer if he fixed the dent . he claims i didnt give him time to fix it . he had it for two and a half months . i have heard that there may be other players that have horror stories with  ed marszalek's work i would appriciate hearing them as i may have to take him to court to get my $1280 au back that i paid him in advance in good faith 

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