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20 years ago

how much is my Buescher aristocrat worth?

I have a Buescher Aristocrat serial number 538xxx - i can't find this number listed anywhere it has a small dent in the bell and no original mouthpiece or box . Neverthless it makes a great sound (though smooth probably isn't the word) is it worth anything to someone who might want to refurb it? thanks

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  1. by saxismyaxe
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    20 years ago

    Re: how much is my Buescher aristocrat worth?

    My records show that your horn, according to the serial numbers you gave, was made c. 1970 to 1975. This isn't the Buescher Aristocrat of the 40's and 50's that so many speak fondly of, but a Selmer student horn made quite some time after the unfortunate Selmer buy out of Buescher in the 1960's. Never the less, if you like it, and get a good tone out of it, keep it and enjoy. Price wise, it isn't worth the money that a Classic Vintage horn is, so don't pour a lot of money into it getting it setup.

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