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by Keithlam
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10 years ago

YAS 62 Neck Replacement

I have my Yamaha YAS 62 neck seriously bended as attached photo. Is it possible to be repaired? 

For replacement, any suggestion on optional models for the neck that could be considered? Thanks!

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  1. by GFC
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    10 years ago

    Re: YAS 62 Neck Replacement

    I'd lean towards replacing it for a number of reasons.  That severity of damage looks quite expensive to repair - probably unsoldering/resoldering the brace and repairing the key pivot in addition to the actual straightening operation.  A crease, as that neck shows, complicates things.  Neck repair is a high end skill in the tech world.  It can change the neck taper, and thus the playing characteristics and intonation, or cause problems due to work hardening.  There is no guarantee that the result will be satisfactory.  If the repair bill goes over $200 USD you're approaching the price of a new neck.  Yamaha makes replacement necks and there are some good aftermarket necks at competitive prices sold at

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