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by sxydvil
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20 years ago

Older Saxophone, wondering make and model, any info helpful

I have a saxophone that I came across and was wondering if any body had any information whatsoever for me, I do not play and I wanted to list it on e-bay for sale, but I dont know anything about them. It is a CC Conn LTD markings on it say: patd dec 8 1914 1119954 C 56235 L any help would be appreciated, thank you

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    20 years ago

    Re: Older Saxophone, wondering make and model, any info helpful

    The saxophone is a C Melody, (indicated by the "C" above the serial number), and this instrument was made in 1919. The patent date, 1914 and patent number 1119954, is for the rolled tone holes. The "L" is for low pitch (A=440) which is the standard pitch used today. This is a New Wonder model. In good shape, meaning no major dings or dents, but needing a repad and some TLC, these horns frequently sell on ebay for $250-$300. They are becoming more and more collectable and more sought after, but there are a lot of them out there. I have a couple of them. One that I restored and one that is basically a parts horn I'd like to find a neck for. The intonation isn't the greatest on these. I've tried using different mouth pieces. A Brillhart Ebolin tenor mouthpiece seems to match quite well. I was lucky enough to find a Leblanc C Melody mouthpiece, which along with a Rovner tenor ligature and a bass clarinet reed work out quite well.

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