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by spottspidermunki
(55 posts)
20 years ago

vandoren select reeds?

hey guys, i was wonderin if any o' yous guys had played VanDoren Premium Select bluebox reeds, or whatever they're called. u know, the handpicked ones that r way more expensive. so my question(s) is : are they worth the extra cash? and what did u think of them in general? mainly i'm talkin about legit styles, but anything is cool as well. jus wonderin what ur thoughts r. Joel

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  1. by fenchurch502
    (4 posts)

    19 years ago

    not worth it

    I've found that the select reads are not much more reliable than regular Vandoren Paris reeds; maybe you'll get three good reeds in a box instead of two. Not worth it in my mind.

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