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by contessa30
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5 years ago

Selmer Mark VI - Tenor

My husband recently passed away.   He purchased this sax in the mid 60s - I have looked up the serial # 121*** and did confirm that date.

It appears to be in its original zipped case.   No apparent dents.   Of course it has some normal wear and tear.   It has not been played in years.
My question is this...Should I have it refurbished and sell it now, or will it increase in value over time.   

It is a beautiful sax - It seems like a waste to leave it sitting in a closet.
Thanks for your assistance.      

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  1. by Simpaw
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    5 years ago

    Re: Selmer Mark VI - Tenor

    I'm so sorry for your loss.  You're right.  This sax shouldn't sit in a closet.  I would love to hear that you have a child or niece/nephew who plays.  In any case, I'd take the horn to a local store for an inspection.  My guess is that most folks would just as well buy it as-is and have it refurbished (if needed) by someone they already know and trust.  So it may be best and less hassle for you if you get a reputable person or two to give you an honest estimate on its worth to sell as-is.  You can check e-bay and several other websites such as or too. 


    I wish you all the best and hope you find a good home for his sax where it will be played often.


    -Ken M.

    Jeffersonville, IN

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  2. by kelsey
    (930 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Selmer Mark VI - Tenor

    This site is maintained by a company in St. Louis Mo. called Saxquest. Mark Overton in the guy there to talk too. I have had dealings with him in the past and find him to be an honest and very well informed person on the subject of Selmer Saxophones. He has on property an excellent repair shop and you could send the horn to him for an honest apprasal of any work that your horn might need. He also could sell the horn for you if that's what you want. My guess would be your horn would be worth several thousand dollars.

    Barry Kelsey

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  3. by madmajor
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    5 years ago

    Re: Selmer Mark VI - Tenor

    The serial number would indicate it is a 1964 / 65 mod l.

    they are well sort after.  You should consider selling it as is....  Look on eBay at some of the prices that people are asking. 

    I would love love a horn like that.... However could not offer you anywhere near as much as you could get.

    it may need an over haul, but those do not come cheap.  If it needs repad ding and you get it done the pads might not be to the liking of the new owner....

    i would research the price of over haul, work out average price and subtract that and you will have its value.

    these vintage s let's are not about look....but about tone....sound is everything!

    so it will really d pens on how it plays as to what it is really worth.  It would be worth contact Tenor Madness and asking their opinion.  They have a massive collection and they do not sell them cheap.... They might offer you a great deal.

    or you could take up playing....there is nothing better than playing the sax! 

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