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20 years ago

Check out Kenny Garrett live!

I have to say one of the most incredible concerts I've heard in recent memory was Kenny Garrett with Kenny Kirkland, Nat Reeves and Tain Watts. He blew the walls down!! I was literally hiding behind the seat in front of me. He was just crushing me with his relentless drive and ideas. Tain can really pull it out of people with that driving infectious rhythm. Those guys were layin' it down! For contrast, later he was playing so softly he blew only air through his horn and played the keys. It was no gimmick, it was a musical statement much different than the one he made at the beginning and the end of the concert. In spite of poor turnout for this concert, he played for almost 3 hours! I've seen a lot of live jazz in the 30 years I've been checking out jazz and this was one of the most memorable dates I can recall. A lot different than hearing KG with Miles. If you get a chance to hear him live, I strongly encourage you to do it! (This was right before Kenny Kirkland died...may he rest in peace)

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