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by sjsmith93
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3 years ago

Lesser known players

I thought a thread about some lesser known, maybe not as mainstream, players would be a good idea. Please list some of your favorite players who we might not know about!!

I'll start

Dave O'Higgins (from the UK) maybe he's popular there! I'm not sure
Mike Lee
John Wojciechowski
Dino Govoni
Jim Odgren
Chad Lefkowitz-Brown


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  1. by mascio
    (2 posts)

    6 months ago

    Re: Lesser known players

    Check out Matt Otto. He plays tenor and is a marvelous composer and improvisor.

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  2. by Perna
    (3 posts)

    5 months ago

    Re: Lesser known players

    Junior Walker from Motown. I got to meet him a few years ago when he was alive. Great guy and could still play.

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  3. by emsax
    (1 post)

    3 weeks ago

    Re: Lesser known players

    Braxton Cook !!! Plays with Christian Scott, went to Juilliard, has 2 albums out, great alto player.

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