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by jasonl
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5 years ago

1916 or 17 evette schaffer saxophone

Hello all, names jason and I recently aquired a sax with no privious ideal of the first thing about a sax. I was doing fairly well with my musical adventuring and decided since I always loved listening to a sax and... not knowing and players id try it out ..... im a  bass / syth ..noise maker mainly, so off I went on a sax huting trip. 
So I purchased a sax... got  it home. ... and now realize I may have been better off getting cheaper student model.... I can't figure out how to hold the damn thing, its got more buttons and levers on it than I was expecting.  And after reading about 3 pages of beginner sax stuff.... up to the parts about spit cleaning tubes and other yuk things (no spit on my bass... if u be wanting to not be carried away)... I realized I have lost my appetite for this instrument. 

No seriously the sax I got from my research is probably to old and nice for my inexperienced hands and I hold in high regard all musical instruments and vintage tech. I have multiple really cool items, but also am smart enough to no that ill probably be better off with no sax or beginners because its not goin to b my main instrument just a musicians part time affair with a stranger ;) 

My firat first of two questions:

Could anyone provide information on what model or any info in general. All the parts as far as I can tell have matching serial numbers, and from the info I found on google, it may be from 1916-1917 (23000 - 23499 serial numbers.

And anyone place rough or approximate value, and any potential persons who would value such a item.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. by GFC
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    5 years ago

    Re: 1916 or 17 evette schaffer saxophone

    It's probably from the 1960s or 70s and it has very little value.  Evette-Schaeffer was a cheapo brand produced by various factories in Europe and distributed by the Buffet company.

    That LH table has got to be one of the most poorly designed and crudely made that I've ever seen.  It looks like they wanted it to look like a Selmer type table without working like one.  I seem to recall Grassi made one like that, so that would be my guess as to the horns's origin.

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