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4 years ago

Old awesome Tenor Buffet Crampon

Hello, I would finally need help to know about my tenor sax. It's a Buffet Crampon but an unusual one according to what I've (not) found on the net !

SN# 10959, so normally from 1964 (like me !!!) Got it from an old Sax teacher around 1983. 
no mention of super dynaction model despite all specs of a SDA are met, exact logos and keys etc...
laquer is not in a very good condition
all keys are silver plated on a gold/brass body
no F# key
got a small piece to add a small music sheet (military / fanfare use ?)
sounds divine, warm and rich.

I've been told it could be a model "reworked" in Czech republic a long time ago. I do not want to sell it but just to understand its previous life...
Many thanks in advance to all of you if you think you have any idea where to find the information.

Hope you can see photos attached.


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