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by mrpowers
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4 years ago



I don't know how annoying this post will be but I would appreciate someone helping me with selling two saxophones.  One is a Selmer, the other is a Conn.

I am a terrible sax player and I am NOT a collector so there is no point in me keeping them.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and...I live in Sudbury Ontario Canada.

Here are some pictures of the Selmer Model 26 #5062. 

Please let me know if other pics are required to do a proper assesment.
Some pics might appear to be brassy in color but that is just the camera phone doing its thing by adding more light. 

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  1. by Saxquest
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    4 years ago

    Re: Selmer

    Looks like the SELMER is a nice old silver plated alto. Unfortunately, the market is not great for this sax. It is very early in SELMER saxophone history and still quite antiquated as far as players are concerned. 

    If if you want help selling, i can help you through where we have a very easy conaignment policy and only take a 10% consignment fee Once the saxophone has sold.  You can read more about the Saxquest consignment policy on our web site at



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    1. by mrpowers
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      4 years ago

      Re: Selmer

      Thank you for your time.


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