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by cgalli
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5 years ago

Selmer Mark VII Alto Intonation issues


I purchased an early version Mark VII alto and cannot seem to get in tune with the keyboard, guitar or bass. I have tried multiple mouthpieces including a vintage Meyer, Ria, and others, all with the same result, the lower register blows flat. Any suggestions?  

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  1. by WillyDaC
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    5 years ago

    Re: Selmer Mark VII Alto Intonation issues

    I'm not aware of any intonation problems with that horn.  There is a lot of info missing in your question.  I guess the first one is are you tuning by ear (I assume the answer is yes because you put it in the context of tuning to a keyboard, guitar and bass).  I've played some student horns that had one note that was slightly flat or sharp and even some pro horns, but not many.  The second question is, how do you know and how flat is it?  It sounds like it could be any number of things from your embouchure to a mechanical problem.  Not much help, but the first thing I'd do is find a tuner or a Stroboconn and recheck it.

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