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by Scottman
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13 years ago

Info request: King Voll-True sax

I bought a sax for $50 was wondering if I got a winner or not. It's pretty old looking, one key is not very springy. Will need a new pad job for sure. King - The New Voll-True H.N. White Co. Cleveland, O No 1.549.911 Pat'd 8-18-25 140362 I've gotten history and company info about Kings from a couple sites, but didn't know if these were considered nice saxes. I've got a Conn student model from high school days, was hoping to have possibly found a fixer-upper that would have proffessional potential. ??

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  1. by Goldref18
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    13 years ago

    Re: Info request: King Voll-True sax

    Kings are great horns. At least the Old Super 20s were and i have never found a person who didn't like a king (if they were playing on it :-/) But for 50 bucks you really can't go wrong specially if it has the capability to play all the notes. I think this is a winner. 50 Dollars is less than my ligature.

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