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by Dirty_Reggae
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20 years ago

I need some advice

Hi, i play 1st tenor in my school jazz a group but the one i was borrowing is no longer up for, well, borrowing; and it has dawned on me that i need my own tenor (i already have a 6m alto which is BEAUTIFUL). So anyways i got this old Holton Collegiate from my grandpa. Its not playable and need s complete overhaul. Ive never played on this model, and holton has kind of a bad rep. Should i overhaul the collegiate or just buy a horn?

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  1. by golferguy675
    (600 posts)

    20 years ago

    Re: I need some advice

    E-mail the Tenor Madness repair shop on this site, if anyone can save it, it's them. What I would do is get a price quote from them, and compare it with a reasonable new tenor.

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