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by flyingscotsman
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13 years ago

Silver CC Conn

Have an old silver sax have no idea what its worth, but would be interested to find out. some serial numbers I found are: PATD,DEC.8.1914 1119954 C 140030 L Looks to have been played a lot, silver is rubbed through on the fingers of some keys, has the original case. on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say about a 5 for condition. it does play.

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    13 years ago

    Re: Silver CC Conn

    A 1924 C-Melody saxophone (Low-Pitch). Depending on your version of what "5 condition" is, I'd say that if it plays from low Bb to high F smoothly that it might be worth from $200-$300. C-Melody saxophones aren't generally sought after like Bb tenors or Eb altos, and they are relatively common so their value just isn't very high. A similar condition alto or tenor would be worth about 50% more. The Low pitch designation means that it is designed to A=440Hz as opposed to high pitched instruments which tune to, I believe, A=452 Hz. Modern instruments, unless odd or exotic, are all A=440. The wear at the fingertips suggests that it used to be (or may still be) a great playing saxophone.

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